Gegevens PH-GYS

Aircraft Model:Reims/Cessna F172N
Serial Number:F17201871
Modification to F172P Year 1989:According Supplemental Type Certificate:SA1356GL:
– Installation of O-320-D series engine (160 i.s.o. 150 Hp)
– Flap travel limited to 30ยบ
– MTOW raised from 2300 Lbs to 2400 Lbs (1089 kg)
MTOW:1089 kg
Engine:O-320-D2G (Lycoming)
Rate:160 Hp
Propellor:1C160/CTM (McCauley)
Basic Empty Weight:720,06 kg
Arm:1,0229 m
Moment:736,549 kg/m